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Tracking Systems and programs for robots

Search engine to start welding “Seam Finding”: 

Seam finding is realized by touching a component with a wire end. It is used for all types of joints, except of the butt-joints without gap


The process of finding the beginning of welding is realized by a laser beam. (Positioning accuracy of laser beam is ± 0.2 mm). This system is used for a sheet which thickness is over 1 mm.

Laser seam tracking system:

Welding seam tracking during welding. This system is used for all types of joints, including butt-joints without gap.

Offline robot programming software

The software includes design, modeling, optimization and offline programming of robotic cells in a single 3D environment of digital shop space. It allows you to optimize the cycle time, positions and movements of robot, avoiding real collision between robots, parts, tools, equipment and surroundings. This software allows you to create robot programs for new items and modify existing programs without interrupting current production.

The software for robot control and monitoring MOTO ADMIN

MotoAdmin is a cost efficient software which enables you to remotely control a robot using a PC, as well as detect faults. Thus, using this software you can maintain robot remotely from a distant location. The connection between robot and a controller is carried out via serial communication channels or via TCP/IP Ethernet.